Movement For Black Lives Steering Committee A Black led space for strategic collaborations between Black organizations [Black Lives Matter DC (BLM:DC), Black Youth Project 100 (BYP 100), Stop Police Terror Project- DC (SPTP-DC), Pan African Community Action (PACA), Black Immigrant Network DC Chapter] and allied groups (Asian Pacific Islander (API) Resistance (APIR), Law for Black Lives DC (L4BL DC), and Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) that want to fight state sanctioned violence against Black people here in DC. General Assemblies are held the third Thursday of every month 6-9pm. Want to learn more? Email us.


Group Picture at an EEC!

Emotional Emancipation Circles Weekly healing spaces for Black folx to process racial stress and trauma and carefully identify internalized oppression with the intention of fostering individual and collective healing. Every Wednesday; 6:30pm at 405B H Street NE *sliding scale $10-$35; no one turned away for lack of funds; childcare provided*


#BlackJoySunday is Black Joy is a transformative force, a reminder of the precious euphoria of our humanity. This is a supportive place for ALL Black people of ALL ages to be affirmed and fellowship with other gorgeous Black people. We welcome joy in all forms: Double dutch, spades crabs, Black Card Revoked, liberatory twerk sessions, coloring, meditating…treat yo self! Bring food to share. Every Sunday potluck style; 4pm-8pm at Folger Park 401 3rd St. SE (3rd & D St. SE) during the spring and summer months. Email us for the location during the fall and winter months.  **Black Only Space

This is a space for Black people, which means ALL Black people. So make sure to bring your love for Black Women, Black People facing homelessness, Black Trans* Folk, Black Youth, Black Muslims, Black Queer Folk, Black Jews, Black Men, Black Gender Non-Conforming Folk, Black Elders, Black Returning Citizens, Black people thriving with disabilities [seen and unseen], and All Black Everythang! We are a diverse diaspora and all our loves are unique. All that love will be put to good use!! For more information email us at
#SolidariTrees harnesses the power of communities; using art to ignite social consciousness and instigate social change; promoting (self)love as a revolutionary act. For more information contact

Black Organizers Dinners are an opportunity for black folks who are already actively engaged in organizing and building black communities to support each other’s work, articulate collective visions, and spend time building relationships. Black Organizer Dinners are held from 6 – 9 pm on the first Thursdays of every month. Contact for more info. THIS IS A BLACK ONLY SPACE.

#KeepDC4Me #KeepDC4Me is a branch of Black Lives Matter DC, and is a leaderFULL coalition committed to finding non-police solutions to intra-community violence and ending police brutality, terror and murder. We do this in ways that disrupt, confront, and dismantle institutions and systems of state sanctioned violence and oppression that displace and criminalize Black people through political education, building community power, and direct action. For more information email us at, follow us on Twitter at @KeepDC4Me, on Facebook KeepDC4Me and on our website at


Identity Celebration & Affirmation vs. Inclusion*Speaking Your Truth* Dear White Allies Trainings*Black on Black Crime is a Myth*How State Sanctioned Violence Creates Intra-Community Violence*BLM & The Church* Centering Healing in Black Liberation Work*Revolutionary Mothering*Resourcing The Revolution*Art + Activism*Radical Self Care*Forming Your Own Revolutionary Squad*Transformative Liberation for Orgs & Institutions* sooo much more! Hire us!


The Movement for Black Lives in DC

DC’s Movement for Black Lives is a made up of many organizations, community leaders, organizers, neighborhoods and individuals working to improve the lives of Black people in the district. The Movement for Black Lives in DC demands the District to DIVEST from the police and INVEST in Black communities. The city spends over $500 million on the police and less than $200 million on affordable housing. This same city gives away valuable public land to developers while Black residents are getting displaced from their homes.
“It is our duty to fight for our freedom. It is our duty to win. We must love each other and protect each other. We have nothing to lose but our chains.” —Assata Shakur

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ACTIVE DC Organizations

Black Lives Matter DC @DMVBlackLives
Black Lives Matter DC is a collective of organizers, activists, and artists in the DC, MD and VA tri-state area who work to combat anti-blackness and racialized oppression in all of its manifestations as experienced by Black people through healing, building community power within Black neighborhoods, and connecting Black folks who share the same desire for liberation.



Pan-African Community Action (PACA) is a grassroots group of African/Black people organizing for community based power in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia (DMV) metropolitan area. We undertake to build community led power through participatory programs of action and political education drives that avow and advance: our “Human Right to Informed Consent and Self-Determination” (Pursuant to UDHR’s Article 15, ICCPR’s Article 1, and ICESCR’s Article 1), collective community control over local economies, community control over the police, and a movement led by the most impacted of our communities. PACA is explicitly anti-capitalist. We stand against all forms of race, class, gender and sexual orientation based oppression. We stand for full community access to resources to realize a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of individuals and families, including: food, clothing, housing, medical care, and necessary social services.

ThinkMoor @ThinkMoor

ThinkMOOR is a collective of educators and students dedicated to the liberation and declaration of black humanity. Starting off as a think tank, we challenge and motivate others to research and think more about the issues and history of and throughout the Black diaspora. We assist in providing direct action support, strategic planning ideas, and immediate mobilization.

Black Youth Project 100 @BYP_100

Black Youth Project 100 (BYP 100) is an activist member-based organization of Black 18-35 year olds, dedicated to creating justice and freedom for all Black people. We do this through building a collective focused on transformative leadership development, direct action organizing, advocacy and education.We are committed to engaging in meaningful action to fulfill our mission and realize our collective vision through a democratic, consensus driven process. Our actions are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic (yet visionary), and time-specific.

Stop Police Terror Project DC @StopCopTerrorDC

Stop Police Terror Project DC, formerly known as DCFerguson, is an organization in the DC area committed to changing the system of racist, militarized policing.

Solidarity Groups for Black Liberation in DC:

API Resistance

Asian and Pacific Islander (API) Resistance is a collective of API peoples in Washington, D.C., committed to challenging anti-Black racism, white supremacy, imperialism and capitalism. Recognizing that API liberation is bound with Black liberation, we strive to do this work by taking direct action, confronting anti-Black racism in our own communities, and building solidarity with and resources for local Black-led organizations. For more information contact

Showing Up for Racial Justice

SURJ DC is part of a national network that organizes white people in the multi-racial struggle against racism and white supremacy. For more information contact





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We are in the process of creating a curriculum to deepen our analysis of the world. This will be a curriculum designed not to be holistic but dynamic, which is to say not to give one a complete education or even a comprehensive overview but rather to complicate the narratives we have been taught and to insert, where possible, useful counter narratives which can be sources of power and resistance. As part of our desires to tell stories, we recognize that the most powerful stories bring together pre-existing stories in a new way. We need to examine the stories we have been told and hear some pre-existing stories that may be new to us so that the movement can tell the stories it needs to tell to an audience that is ready to hear them.

The goal of our curriculum is three fold: To raise the consciousness of folks as a precursor to mass collective actions, to provide mass producible interactive programs that can provide an intellectual and cultural entry point into the movement and to begin the building on a new analysis for the movement. This curriculum should exist in multiple media and engage learners in different modalities of communal self-directed popular education. Central to this curriculum should be the development and guided implementation of a communal and individual praxis.
We want to add art, visuals, video, audio as well as books to the curriculum. We hope to also create instructions and guides that can be disseminated to allow any group that is interested creating their own study groups.

Below are our thoughts on such a curriculum. We welcome your thoughts and feedback.
The believe the curriculum should cover:

Schedule for Curriculum:

Each week should have no more than two hours of reading/watching and a 30 minute reflection. Each piece/video/media item should have a short intro [1-3 paragraphs] about how it fits our analysis. Each week should come with discussion questions, 30 minute reflection or mediation, optional resources for those who want to read more and 5 ways to incorporate the lessons into your daily life.
The curriculum will be designed for 13 weeks but easily modifiable for shorter or longer terms.
Week 0: What is a social movement anyways?
Week 1: What is the Movement for Black Lives?
Week 2: Who is the Movement for Black Lives?
Week 3 & 5: What are the Goals for the Movement for Black Lives? pt 1 & 2
Week 5 & 6: Historic, Cultural and Theoretical Context for the Movement pt 1 & 2
Week 7: Where do we go from here?
Week 8: Differential Autonomous Transformation


For more information on the curriculum include how to get involved please go here: